How to Cook a Pumpkin

It is pumpkin and squash season!  We have been waiting for this time of the year with anticipation.  Last year I made my first homemade pumpkin pie and the recipe was a hit.  We also experimented with green fairy tale pumpkins, white pumpkins and pie pumpkins.  I baked the pumpkins, then stored in the freezer.  We added them to our daily fruit/veggie smoothies and used them in baking.

This year, we added a Jarrahdale pumpkin to the mix, which I am told is very popular in Australia.  I can’t wait to try a pie with it!

Start with a nice pie pumpkin and cut it in half.  Seed the pumpkin.  I have a helper who is very good at this!

Rinse your seeds and remove the pumpkin “meat,” then spread the seeds out on a dish towel to dry out.  You can roast them later and try this easy roasted pumpkin seeds recipe.

Cut your pumpkin into fourths.  Place in a shallow dish and fill with about 1/2 inch of water.

Bake until cooked through at 350 degrees.  The time will depend on the size of your pumpkin.  If I have a small pie pumpkin, I often bake it in an 8 by 8 dish in my toaster oven and it takes approximately 30 minutes.

Let cool and then scoop out with a water melon baller or spoon.  Use as desired!


  1. Stacy Rushton says

    A couple of years back, we were living in Kuala Lumpur where large pumpkins are hard to come by. My husband went to Singapore on a business trip and came home with a great big one, suitable for making a jack-o-lantern but it said, “pie pumpkin” on the side and cost a fortune. I cut the pumpkin to use him as a decoration just the evening of Halloween, then roasted him in the oven and saved the flesh. We ate frozen pumpkin in muffins and cakes and pies for ages! A win-win, I thought.

    Your helper is adorable!

  2. mail4rosey says

    That’s a good idea to freeze the baked pumpkin. We didn’t do one thing w/pumpkins this year (except carving for the holidays). That’s highly unusual for us! I love pumpkin items, esp. ravioli and pumpkin bread. :)

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