Tree Removal After the Storm

Thursday night was very much a blur.  A big storm was coming while we were settling in for the night.  Adam showered, Lily bathed, story time started while I ran to get my own shower.  The power went out when I was in the shower and the trees were swinging around our house, as usual.  I can’t even count the number of times we have seen the entire yard swaying in a dizzying fashion.  Our house is nestled into a hill surrounded by dozens of 75+ foot tall trees.

But this night was different and I head a very loud crash and saw greenery suddenly appear in our bedroom window.  I honestly thought it was one of our leyland cypress trees falling onto the house.  I ran to get Adam and Lily out of her room and downstairs in case anything else happened.

Adam quickly realized water was pouring into our bedroom and we went crazy gathering every pot, bucket and bowl to catch the water.  I think we used all of our towels, too, including those from our guest bath area.

We started removing all the furnishing to keep them safe from water damage.

After a night at a hotel, we went back to start the cleanup process.  Step one – tree removal!  We were quoted $18,000 and 6 man hours.  I’ll let the insurance company debate with the tree guys over that bill since they were the ones that recommended them.

They managed to get a truck with a crane down our narrow road and driveway to remove the 75 foot oak tree stump.

It looked better with the tree on!  We are drying the house out and waiting for construction to start on the walls and roof.

I may have shed a few tears over the floor.  The teak flooring project was one of my proudest DIY project to date.  I thought we had saved it with all the pots and pans we used, but the restoration company said the floors had to go.  I know I shouldn’t be so silly about it, but this picture still makes me want to cry!  My beautiful wood floors, torn up and gone.

I had Adam save a few pieces for a project.  What an eventful weekend!  Luckily no one was hurt and we are working to rebuild quickly. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery!


  1. Yona Williams says

    Ohhhh nooo! I’m so sorry that this happened to you. I remember your teak project…I think I’d be shedding a few tears too. We had a vicious storm not too long ago. Luckily, we don’t get slammed with loss of electricity or anything, but my parents always have some sort of problem with their lines. Glad no one was hurt, and thank goodness for house insurance!

  2. Tammy says

    What a weekend indeed! I am so sorry it happened to you guys, but you are right, no one was hurt, just the house and that can be fixed.

    Big hugs to you as I know this isn’t an easy time for any of you. Stuff like this isn’t fun and the stress it adds isn’t the best.

    Hang in there girl! :) xoxo

  3. Kristi Maloney says

    Sorry to read about this Aleks. We are on a hill surrounded by trees just like you. When those N’or Easter storms rip through here, I am afraid of trees falling on our roof.

    I can’t believe your floor – all those individual pieces! That was a labor of love – but knowing you, you guys will have an even better floor in mind! :)

    Thank God no one was hurt. It sounds like you are already on your way to rebuilding.

  4. Peggy says

    I am so sorry to see those pictures. I have a friend in Roswell that had a similar experience. Then last night she said the tarps were not holding and water came in again.

    I am glad no one was hurt. Hoping for a speedy rebuild. Take care, it is supposed to rain every day this week.

    West Marietta

  5. Brenda H says

    Uggghhhh, I am so sorry about the floors. I loved reading about the floor installation and remember sensing how proud you were when it was finished! I am glad you are all safe and that the house can be repaired.

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