Plan Toys Marble Run Standard Set Review

Disclosure: Michelle received a complimentary product to facilitate her honest review. All opinions are her own and this was not a compensated post.
I’m a fan of classic wood toys, and prior to writing this review I have purchased a few PlanToys for my children. In my opinion wood toys last so much longer than plastic – my boys are playing with toys I grew up with – and they don’t go out of style as quickly. Another feature I like is not worrying about the safety of the toy, especially with all of the research available about exposure to chemicals in plastic. PlanToys are high quality and have no sharp or rough edges which makes them friendly for a wide range of developmental levels. PlanToys are sustainable as well, and I’m always eager to support environmentally-conscious companies.

I have two boys, ages 3 and 2 years old and they are obsessed with anything that runs on a track. I was thinking they would like the idea of the Marble Run Standard. They really enjoyed setting it up and moving the pieces to different configurations. We learned very quickly that it can only be set up on a hard surface, because it’s unable to balance on carpet. Plus once they started playing with the marbles they got very excited and kept knocking the run over. I like that it is well-made and that the stands for the track pieces can be swapped around to allow for creativity. One thing I didn’t like though is that the pieces rest on top of each other but don’t interlock so they fell over frequently. My boys got frustrated by this and lost interest in playing with the marble run quickly. I have a feeling it is better for a child that can concentrate on tasks for a greater period of time, and also enjoys building carefully. My kids are more into the destructive side of building at the moment. When they are a little older, it might be fun to get a second set so that they can have “marble races.”

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  1. mail4rosey says

    I’m a big fan of the wooden toys too. We purchased a marble run for a friend of ours’ child, and I’ve been thinking lately of getting one for our own. He’s 5 now and I think the perfect age to enjoy one.

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