Cologne Cathedral in Germany Amazing #Travel

Saturday, June 29, 2013 Posted by Aleksandra Nearing

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I have been in Germany on business this week.  My employee and I arrived here bright and early on Monday, and we went straight into a full week of meetings.  During the week, our German colleagues took us out to lunch and dinner in both Duisburg and Dusseldorf.  We received some wonderful hospitality!  I wanted to fly home Friday night or Saturday but flights were nearly three times as expensive, and to make things worse, there were no direct flights until Sunday.  We opted to stay an extra night and leave early Sunday morning.

Having a day to explore left us some options.  Our German counterparts suggested Cologne and the great Cologne Cathedral which was a quick 40 minute ride from Duisburg.  I was amazed from the get-go, despite the rain and chill (highs of 62?!).

Above is the ornate entrance, and below, the backside of the Cologne Cathedral.

The main structure was built in 1248.  By 1320, a large part of the cathedral was raised.  The entrance below is breathtaking.  It is an exquisite example of Gothic architecture.

The remaining building took approximately 600 more years, and our German friends joke it will never be completed.  Standing inside, it was difficult to imagine how such a magnificent structure could have been built back then.

The cathedral was, in fact, surrounded in parts by scaffolding as shown above.  We headed for the underground entrance to climb up to the belfry tower.  I loved the stone tunnels underneath!

We climbed to the top of the belfry and after 533 winding steps, the views were amazing.  Look at the intricate stone carvings below - amazing!

The climb up was a bit tough, windy and chilly but well worth it!  At one spot along the way, I took the photo below of the train bridge entering Cologne, built in 1905.  You can see the roof and another steeple of the cathedral, too.

Did I miss my family and wish I could have returned a day earlier?  Yes.  But I am grateful for the day of exploring a city that is filled with history, diversity and energy. The view below was one of my favorites!  I took many more photos today but this of the Cologne Cathedral were my favorite!

Did I miss my family and wish I could have returned a day earlier?  Yes.  Did I think I would ever be here again?  No.  I am grateful for the day of exploring a city that is filled with history, diversity and energy.
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  1. Kristi Maloney said...

    Those images are breathtaking - I can only imagine being there. What an awesome experience.

  2. myshelomitashop said...

    Stunning structure! You are very lucky to have the chance to experience them first hand.

  3. Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies said...

    That is absolutely stunning! You are making me want to book a trip to Germany ASAP! :)

  4. alissa apel said...

    That is so pretty!

  5. mail4rosey said...

    It is amazing that they were able to build such structures. I've been to some of the old cathedrals in Europe and they are amazing. The pictures you have here are gorgeous.

  6. Terra H. said...

    What an amazingly beautiful structure!

  7. Kristy said...

    Stunning photographs! What an amazing adventure!

  8. carolpie said...

    We have stayed in this city and also got to see this. What was funny when we went was a dog that was dressed up and wore glasses that was just sitting in front of this. Quite the sight!