Perdido Key Vacation #WW

We are enjoying the week at Perdido Key this week.  The weather is beautiful and the seafood is delicious!  I am in a bit of a pickle since we managed to swim straight into a group of baby jelly fish and eggs.  Let me tell you, the stings weren’t bad but the bumps and itches after the fact – oy!!  My stomach is covered in 50+ red, disgusting bumps.  I spent yesterday in a Benadryl-induced haze but I am determined to go enjoy the beach today!

Adam putting together a kite.

We are staying at the Indigo East condo building.  I love the views of the beach and the pool from the 19th floor!

Lily managed to get the kite up but was nervous when it got up too high.

My little beach-lover!


  1. lisagee1234 says

    Can’t see them lil buggers in the water. I see Man O Wars on the Texas beaches. (Watch your step)Florida there at Perdido has the BEST sand ever!

  2. Kristi Maloney says

    Looks like a gorgeous place. Sorry to hear about your encounter with the jelly fish….ouch! Hope you were able to make it back to the beach and enjoy the rest of your stay.

  3. Social Lady says

    All the pictures are just beautiful! Great vacation spot! I hope you get rid of the jellyfish bumps soon. That would put a damper on my vacation for sure.

  4. Christina says

    Oh no Aleks!! I hope you are feeling better. I’ve managed to never get stung but its always a fear. The place looks great.. I love the pool. I will have to look more into Perdido Key, we are thinking of going somewhere new for a long weekend beach get away this summer (we love checking out new beaches around the state)

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