May Garden Update

Sunday, May 19, 2013 Posted by Aleksandra Nearing

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It has been a rainy weekend.  Everything is so green, it is hard to believe that only about 2 months ago, the whole yard was brown.  I tried to capture the yard, but it is hard with these giant, towering trees that thrill me in the summer yet scare me with their crazy swaying in the Southeast storms.

View of the deck Adam built and the pond that comes into our screened porch.

Looking at these photos, I recall now why we went nuts over this house 11 years ago, even when it was all brown.  The nature lovers in us couldn't resist this view!  It looks all dark and dreary due to the weather.

It has also been a rather chilly spring, which means my peas are going bonkers.  They thrive in chilly weather and fizzle out as soon as it gets warm.  We spent some time today trying to get some bigger cages around them for support.  They've grown taller than me in these pots!

I have 4 pots filled with peas that will later be filled with annuals, and one tomato pot on my front steps.  These areas get the most sun in our wooded yard so I have to take advantage of it!

Lastly, our little raised bed is growing slowly but surely.  We have kale, lettuce, spinach, radishes, and shade-tolerant herbs.

Are you growing anything this year?

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  1. Brutus Duffy said...

    You have a beautiful area! Love the pea plant. They don't grow well for us here. usually we have a ton of cucumbers and jalapenos growing.

  2. Tammy said...

    Scott just planted our garden last week while he was off. I think he planted beans, peas, tomatoes, raspberries and zucchini. Our garden is pretty small but usually gives us a bounty of veggies! :) Yours looks fabulous! :) I love the location and greenery around your house. Beautiful!

  3. mail4rosey said...

    We've planted our flowers, but nothing else yet. I'm waiting until my daughter gets out of school because she wants to help (and once school is out her busy schedule will allow it).

    I love your view too.

  4. Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

    Color me green; your yard is absolutely lovely!