Vegetable Garden Update #WW

This is my first year with a raised bed and vegetables.  I am definitely learning as I go!  We are limited with a rather shady area but the Atlanta heat makes up for some of that.  We had great results with spinach and the kale is still rocking.  The zucchini is coming in like crazy – I picked one that was at least 16 inches long today and 2-3 inches thick.

These honeydew mystery melons grew from my compost and are looking good!

We have several tomato plants, all green right now but about ready to turn into delicious, ripe red tomatoes! I can’t wait to make some fresh salsa and salads.

Here’s the zucchini growing nicely.


  1. Crafty says

    Our weather must help. My neighbor has a garden in Acworth and he brings me vegetables weekly. He brought me potatoes, corn and squash last night.

    I am getting tomatoes and hot peppers from my plants but no bell peppers yet.

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