Mystery Melon #WW

As part of our gardening adventures this year, we’ve had interesting plants sprout.  The most of this resulted from seeds that hadn’t fully decomposed in my compost bin.  I had tomatoes, potatoes and mystery melons galore.  I weeded out a bunch but kept some more.  This melon has bloomed a lot but not yet produced fruit but we’re holding on hope!

Its counterpart that grew from my raised bed is producing some nice melons.  I think they would be nicer if we had more sun but I’ll take what I can get!  It is looking like a honeydew melon to me!

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  1. alissa apel says

    I wonder if it’s squash? It grows so easily. We had pumpkins growing without trying. At first we thought they were watermelons. I know that’s odd we thought that. They start out greet though.

  2. Christina says

    I am so looking forward to your garden updates! The crazy hot weather has just about done my garden in (I will start preparing for a fall garden in a few months, when the kids go back to school). The tomatoes are hanging on, but barely (we have atleast 50 either already picked or ready to be picked + a ton of green ones – going to make salsa, pizza & pasta sauce), I pulled a handful of great size carrots today. One watermelon plant still has 2 watermelons doing well (we already ate one and one split open a bit too soon, it wasn’t quite ripe yet). I still have onions growing and the peppers are doing great so far. We did get a little from everything we planted though so it wasn’t a total waste with hot quickly the heat ruined things.

    So glad your garden is thriving!

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