Perdido Key Beach Vacation Fun

It has been nearly a full year since we have had a week off.  A.  Full.  Year.  This vacation is long overdue, and we’re loving every minute so far!

We hit the road bright and early and made it to our customary Cracker Barrel.  There is a little farm behind it with horses.  We remembered when one of them was small newborn several years ago.

We arrived and unpacked, and I realized I had forgotten ALL of my bathing suits.  I had visited probably 5 different stores to find the perfect suits and they are in a drawer back in Atlanta.  Oops.  Adam and Lily hit the pool while I drove off in search of swimwear.  Later that night we enjoyed a fabulous sunset and the delicate beach breeze.

We spent the day today at the beach and the weather was perfect for relaxing, swimming and digging big holes.

We worked pretty hard but Adam decided we started too close to shore and the waves kept impeding our progress.  There’s always tomorrow!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies says

    We only go to Cracker Barrel when we go on vacation, so that’s kind of our tradition too–so funny! It’s been over a year since we’ve gone anywhere for more than a few days, so I definitely know the feeling. I hope you have a great time–it looks beautiful!

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