Decorating Eggs with Heinz and PAAS

When I was younger, preparing an Easter basket was a favorite tradition.  I remember having a bit of eat food group represented in a basket that was blessed in church before Easter Sunday.  My mom would dye some of the eggs using onion peels for a brown color just like her mother had done before her, and I have memories of dying and decorating eggs in other bright colors, too.  
As a mom, I am always on the lookout for fun projects with my daughter.  We enjoy spending time on all sorts of art projects, and of course Easter brings us a wealth of opportunities.  We spent some time this weekend dying eggs for Easter…and for snacking.  I snack on hard boiled eggs all the time, and how fun to have colored ones in my lunch box!
This was the first year Lily was really the main driver of the projects.  At 4, she is now able to take over and work on her own with only limited supervision.  I love seeing her get excited about a project and make it her own.  Lily had fun picking the colors and mixing everything together, including the Heinz vinegar to add an extra color burst!  We also enjoyed using the crayon to draw our own designs, and even Adam got into it drawing some fun faces on a few eggs.  Even adults like to get creative with art projects every now and then.

Below is our finished product sitting in the PAAS container to dry.  We saved some of the dye in the kit to repeat the project next weekend.  The colors were bright and fun after the eggs dried completely.  We also enjoyed the stickers that came with the kit to decorate the eggs.  Stickers are a hit with a four year old!

Check out the “Egg Decorator” iPad app – for every egg “dyed” on the app, Heinz & PAAS will donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You can visit Heinz Vinegar & PAAS to learn more about the promotion.   You can purchase PAAS and Heinz vinegar at stores near you, both at affordable prices.  I have half a mind to stock up on some for projects during the year.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Heinz and PAAS and received a Heinz Vinegar bottle, a PAAS Egg Dyeing Kit, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. kristi says

    Great job on your Easter eggs. I love the colors!
    We dyed our eggs over the weekend too. My boys are at the age where they are into it for a while, but lose interest – go outside, watch TV and finish the eggs when they are good and ready. (You’ll probably see them on my WW post!)

  2. ohkeeka says

    They turned out so pretty! I have such fond memories of dyeing Easter eggs when I was a kid and we always used PAAS dye and crayons too. :)

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