Slide Out Spice Rack DIY Project #WW

While browsing some home decor ideas online on (awesome site!) I saw the kitchen below online.  Slide out spice rack?!  (drool)

Classically Modern Kitchen traditional kitchen
traditional kitchen design by boston kitchen and bath Rob Kane – Kitchen Interiors Inc.

I wanted it as soon as I saw it.  And thanks to my fabulous, hard-working Handy Hubby, I am going to have a slide out spice rack of my own.  I can’t wait to show you the final result!  Here’s the start of the project this past weekend.


  1. Crystal says

    Well, I am jealous! Ironically I said they other day I need a spice rack. My husband is incredibly handy just not around our own
    I will be buying the top of the counter Walmart variety spice rack

  2. Tammy says

    I have seen several pics on Pinterest of that spice rack. What a great use of space. My spices are always falling out on me…I need something like that too but I don’t think I have the spot. Now I need to double check! Did he make it or buy it?? I am sure he made it huh?

  3. Marvelous Mommy says

    I’ve seen those on Pinterest!! I love it! I showed my hubby and he wants one too! We just don’t have the space for one right now but we will definitely do something like that when we buy a house! You’re so lucky your hubby’s so handy!

  4. ohkeeka says

    I saw this on Pinterest–I love it! I wish we had enough space for it, but we don’t have any gaps like that between cabinets! You sure keep your husband busy. :)

  5. winterwitch says

    This is so neat! We just finished my kitchen but I’m missing a door on a small cupboard I kinda thought was useless and this would be perfect.

    You and your family do such great home improvement projects!

  6. OttosMom says

    that is AWESOME! your hubby gets an award for being so freaking handy! he should teach seminars (to my hubby, haha). seriously though – that spice rack is gonna be amaaaazing!

  7. Shelly says

    oh that is way cool! I just showed my hubby and asked him to build me one too. Mine is pretty handy as well since he is an HVAC tech, Plumber, etc & owns his own biz. I can’t wait to see your finished one! Thanks for leaving me a comment over on the TCC blog!


  8. Inspire Me Heather says

    Hi! We have a little space like that too and I’m trying to convince my hubby to make a pull out! Thanks for posting this so I can show him how it can be done. I’ve also got this linked to my spice racks post too today, for inspiration!


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