Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Review

Otis Spunkmeyer was founded in 1977, and now over 30 years later, is the #1 frozen gourmet cookie dough in the Foodservice industry. They also make a variety of muffins, pastries, brownies, and other baked sweets, that are enjoyed in over 56 countries worldwide. The Otis Spunkmeyer motto is “Making the world a better place one cookie at a time.”

Really, who doesn’t love a fresh-baked cookie? If you don’t, just skip to the next review.  However, for the rest of us, fresh-baked cookies are amazing right? I like making cookies, but often I don’t love the mess and effort involved.  The first thing that had me sold on Otis Spunkmeyer frozen cookie dough is that it comes in pre-portioned cookie dough balls that I just need to pop in the oven for a short time then enjoy.  So easy!  Here’s another exciting thing though, if I have a couple varieties of frozen dough on hand, I don’t have to pick between chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia nut, because it’s just as easy to make both! Sounds dangerous doesn’t it?  Not really, because I can also just make one or two cookies instead of a whole batch, which is definitely better for my diet.  These cookies are soft, delicious, and so simple to bake!

Not only do I love the cookies though, I am also pleased by what I learned about Otis Spunkmeyer as a company.  I did a little poking around the website and noticed that they are huge supporters of the military through involvement in programs and of course providing cookies!  As an Army wife, this is something near and dear to me!

Plus Otis Spunkmeyer offers incredible fundraising ideas for schools and organizations! To find out where you can purchase Otis Spunkmeyer products, please visit their list of stores.

Disclosure: Michelle received a complimentary product to facilitate her opinions.  All opinions are her own.  This is not a compensated post.


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