1. Sounds like you are running for a great cause. I used to live in GA. Close to Stone Mountain. I went to Grad school in Savannah, GA. Now I’m back home in Omaha, NE. Far from GA!

    I love all the red in your post! It’s my favorite color.

  2. I love that picture of Lily with the water gun – I would not mess with her! Looks like an awesome parade! Happy Wednesday.

  3. we live in a town like yours…so tiny, you don’t want to blink while traveling down the highway! we did get a traffic light where main street meets hwy 46 a few years ago…i guess that means we’re coming up in the world, huh

  4. Look at all your link ups today! Sweet!

    I love small town parades…they are so much fun when you know lots of people in them.

    Happy Wednesday girl! Summer is putting me behind in all my visits everywhere.

  5. Love your little one’s dress and glasses! We went to a small town parade this year too. It was in Missouri and actually you are the parade! There are no spectators. Very short parade but my girls loved it!

  6. I’m neither local OR a runner, but you’ll be doing it on my bday! =) Your little one is so cute! Love those old cars. Will have to show them to my boys!


  7. Your mother has a great body!…yes, I notice these things and I’m not scared to admit I’m drawn to esthetically pleasing body types! ๐Ÿ™‚