Sauted Beets #Recipe

So, some of you may know I’m Polish and love stuffed cabbage.  Today I’m sharing another favorite Polish recipe – sauted beets.  Some of you may have never tasted beets.  I doubt that beets have made it to your grocery list but let me tell you, they’re fabulous.  Why?

* First of all, when do you ever eat beets?  Never!  But they’re healthy and good and fun to make.  So do it at least once in your life so that you can say you have.
* Have you ever gone to a party where there was some crazy dish you talked about for weeks?  Hello – that dish could be beets and your guests could me reminising for weeks…no, months, to come!

* Looking back on it, making this dish is a lot of work.  The cleaning, boiling, grating…all take a while.  Worth it for the nostalgic taste of beets for me but…you might find it cumbersome.
* Remember to wear plastic gloves and cruddy clothes.  These suckers stain.

Rinse beets.  Trim greens.  Boil 20+ minutes.  Peel skin.  Shred on a grater.  Saute in a pan with olive oils, onion, lemon juice or vinegar and salt/pepper.  It really is pretty easy.  Enjoy!



  1. Annie1 says

    We adore beets..especially when they’ve been soaked in vinegar for a minute! Honestly, we eat them at least once a week if not more!

    One of my fondest kitchen memories with my mom, was learning how the skins just slipped off after they were boiled.

    Great recipe, thanks!

  2. Donna J says

    One big jar, one can sliced beets w/ juice, one sliced onion, apple cider vinegar to taste, and chill!!

    I even drink the juice when the veggies are gone lol!!

  3. Trish says

    I have fond memories from childhood of seeing my grandma boil and eat beets. I had NO idea what they were at the time but was half convinced they were filled with blood.

    It’s no wonder I always declined when my grandma offered them to me :)

  4. NetWorkingWitches says

    While I’m not polish I’m a neighboring Slovak we eat a lot of beets. We make beet-horseradish for Easter and my families favorite is cut up beats, cut up sweet potato, cut up white potato with onion and fry with olive oil!

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