Wordless Wednesday – Atlanda Snow #2

I was not pleased to wake up to 5 inches of snow on Monday morning.  We live on a super hilly, one-lane road.  We were not able to leave the house until Friday afternoon!  Talk about stir crazy!  We worked from home the whole week and Adam also managed to build a cardboard/tape sled or two!Photobucket


  1. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos says

    Oh yes!
    Stir crazy we went this last week. Too cold to venture outside and sick kids. I was about to go insane!!!
    Looks like you guys managed well though, I like the cardboard sled!!!

    Thanks for linking up on my blog, happy WW!

  2. Merry says

    It was crazy hearing about all the snow in Atlanta/Alabama/etc. I am from Alabama but i live in Calgary now so I’m not used to snow. Sometimes I wish we got snowed in!

  3. Tractor Mom says

    Did I see you on Channel 2 or 5 trying to get out of your neighborhood?? LOL We’re north of you and got 7″ Monday morning! It STILL hasn’t completely left even with all this rain! My picture will post at 6 am. You’ll truly appreciatate how my Hubby got the snow off our truck…only in the South…

  4. Anna says

    This is one snowy winter in Atlanta, glad you could enjoy it.

    We’re getting a lot of snow where we are in NJ too, but we are at least a little more ready for it!

  5. Tammy says

    I could only imagine having to be stuck in our house for 5 days. No fun! But sounds like you made the best of it. Look how much fun you are having?

    I am going to email you later…I want to catch up…:) Happy Wednesday (almost)!

  6. My Mommy Adventure says

    Whay great snow day pics!!! Happy WW

    sorry it looks like I double posted my link…thats what I get for using my phone to post.

  7. Danetta says

    Wow! That is a lot of snow and so cold! We don’t get snow here in Texas, but I can imagine how stir crazy it must have been not being about to get out.

  8. Chelsey says

    That looks like so much fun! Good job on the sleds — especially the “how to” illustrations! lol…

    We haven’t been sledding this season. The snow doesn’t stay long enough for us to get to the hill!

  9. Michelle says

    Glad to hear you were able to stay home and safe. I love that sled you all made. We don’t get much snow here and live in a pretty flat area so we don’t own a sled. My two always want to go sledding when we get snow. I’ll have to try my hand at making a sled next snow…we’ll see.

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